For example

For example Having listened kazh that, the princess has to give a wise advice.

For example at us very much dirty at an entrance, what to do to us?

Council of the princess in the day off bring together the friends and under sweep an entrance and after that hang out on an entrance wall kra gray drawings.

THE EARTH ON WHICH WAS BORN, GOLD M. Skrebtsova The earth native gold, It understands not everyone, But sooner or later it From heart will make it bow.

The earth will embrace, will caress And for anything will not abuse, Will not remember angry never.

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Son Let him with

Son Let him with !

Son Why always in the answer I for little Petya?

I was tired to watch it Also I want free to be!

Mother Mischa, stop to become angry, Petya so aspires to you!

You know how he is glad, If with it the brother plays.

Son Let him with himself play, At me cares are enough.

I do not wish to be the nurse, How many it is possible to speak!

Mother Petya scattered books And in them tore pages, It catches for a tail of a kitten, Mischa, play with the child!

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We lag behind

We lag behind The profession is much less important.

The whole at testat maturity and University education is really not so important.

It is important to build a person, and that is what today isn't done.

Interestingly, learn life through observation is everywhere in the school, and in the family.

But only on condition that the parents will know how to do it.

And this means that, first of all, you need to educate parents.

We lag behind on several millennia, so that when you need to the place to begin.

Therefore, at the age of years children should know what treason deposits will happen to them?

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The boy also

The boy also Lie, without having stirred as if indeed sleep sweet dreaM. The boy also does not know who they are such; he thought, ordinary girls got tired, walking, and dozed off.

And after all the sun will burn to girls of the person!

the boy thought.

It is a pity!

Let me help them!

The herdboy of curly lime branches dug, thrust them to the earth near sleeping, and girls came to be in a shadow.

Pitchfork woke up soon.

They saw branches, were surprised and became to ask each other who covered them from sunshine.

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But in the modern

But in the modern Today we want faster to develop child.

To develop it in the egoistical nature.

But in the modern world, develop continuous towards globalization, we need to educate people of the integrated , as a social unit it is unique and special because of its uniqueness serves the public.

He must learn that it is his connection with society saves him and society, ensuring the security and prosperity of that cooperation leads to success.

Naturally child up to three years does not perceive society, but if we start with him to work this way, gradually, by force of habit change his nature?

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